1. Can I change single hair clip between two packages?
    Unfortunately not. You can only order packages as they are. If you want two hairclips from different packages, you should buy both of them.

  2. Can I order custom colored hair clip or headband package?
    Of course, but you would pay additional 2.90 € to the regular price in that case. Please, write us at orders@owliebowlie.com

  3. Do you still make baby suits and T-shirts with different applications?
    Of course, please write me at orders@owliebowlie.com

  4. How much does shipping inside Slovenia cost?
    2 €.

  5. Do you ship outside Slovenia?
    Of course. In average you would pay 6 € for the international shipping. It depends on order.

  6. Do you offer free shipping?
    Of course. For all orders above 70 €.

  7. How long in delivery time?
    Usually 3-5 days from the order in Slovenia, up to 7 days inside EU and 7 - 10 days outside EU.